What is CASSIMTM Software?

The CASSIMTM Software is a complete, accurate, user-friendly dynamic simulation software for power plant analysis. It has a library of pre-engineered mathematical modules of nuclear, fossil and cogeneration power plant components. These modules can be interconnected in a fashion similar to actual power plant components, and are a powerful and flexible means of evaluating the dynamic and complex interactions between components

In what applications has CASSIMTM been used?

CASSIMTM Software has been used in developing many desktop simulators for nuclear, fossil, combined-cycle, and thermal power plants. It has been used as simulation analysis tool for many applications including control room man-machine interface verification; plant availability improvement evaluations; efficiency upgrades; plant and component life extensions; post-trip evaluations; operational strategy development and control analysis. Presently, the CASSIMTM software is used by nuclear reactor developer, utilities, agencies, universities and research laboratories in Canada, United States, Austria, Korea, Thailand.

On which computer platform does CASSIMTM Software run?

CASSIMTM software runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, in any Intel or AMD based processor PC.

How do you build dynamic models using CASSIMTM Software?

There are three phases in the construction of plant model: (I) data collection & modeling scope definition (2) model construction & testing (3) report documentation. In the first phase, we need access to the required data: P & ID diagrams, heat balance data, control diagrams, physical data describing component characteristics (e.g pump curve, control valve Cv etc.), a set of operating point data defining the desired initial operating conditions. Above all, we need some of your time to answer our questions. After we understand your needs and assess the data, we will prepare a modeling task functional flow diagram, along with a schedule for your review and approval. This functional flow chart (FFC) identifies each step in the modeling process, leading to the final construction of the model. The purpose of the FFC is to define the scope of simulation and the results that you can expect from the modeling so that you can monitor the project's progress more closely. We will also provide a cost estimate for phase 2 and 3 developments. CTI will not proceed to phase (2) & (3) unless our proposal is approved.

Once phase (2) and (3) are committed, CTI will begin development of the model. At this point, CTI will be actively collecting data or seeking clarification from our customer on plant and component characteristics. Site visits by our CTI modeling analyst will be made, where necessary. After the initial model has been built, interim test results will be demonstrated to you for review and comments. The model will then be revised to incorporate your comments and more test runs will be done. This process may be iterated several times until you are satisfied with the results. At this point, phase (3) - documentation begins. A draft report will be first sent to you for review and comments, followed by the final report incorporating all your comments.

CTI can build models for you according to your needs and specifications. If you require simulation tool to perform process or control analysis, CTI can perform the required analysis for you to meet your objectives. A complete analysis report will be prepared for you, with recommendations fully supported by the dynamic simulation results.

How long does it take to build the dynamic models for us ?

Model completion time depends on the complexity of the problem and the scope of simulation. The objective of the CASSIMTM Software is to allow an analyst to construct a plant model in an efficient and economical fashion so that engineering labor and computer costs are reduced. Sometimes, plant data may not be easily accessible, and this could slow down the model development. However, given the ready access to the required data, experienced modeling analyst can construct a typical large scope plant model, including major boiler and balance of plant components in less than one man-year. For a smaller scale model, it will naturally take much less time. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the complexity of the problem and the scope of simulation. We will work with you to plan and integrate the modeling activities with your master project activities so that you can be assured of meeting your tight schedule.

How can we use your simulation services to get timely results to meet our bottom line ?

Because CTI wants your business, we offer you expertise in simulation at highly competitive prices. More importantly, CTI utilizes an established, powerful and highly accurate modeling software, for your application. If your company does not already have personnel experienced in simulation and model development and does not wish to invest in the hardware, software and training necessary to obtain such personnel because simulation is not your core business, CTI offers you a practical alternative.

Our personnel are experienced in simulation and model development and in use of the CASSIMTM Software.  This unique combination of expertise enables CTI to save you time and money by providing fast and efficient power plant analyses and simulation services.

Simulation is more of an art than a mechanical manipulation of computer codes. It requires knowledge of thermodynamic, thermal hydraulic, digital computation and simulation techniques, and more importantly, practical knowledge and experience with power plant dynamics. To simulate a generic plant using basic principles may not be difficult, but to produce a high fidelity model capable of replicating plant transient results for process analysis or control system evaluation requires much more than a layman's knowledge.

Our goal, therefore, is to help you reduce the cost of plant analysis to a fraction of the required investment and get you timely and economical results so that you can concentrate on your core business. We have many years of simulation expertise and experience on power plant modeling. We can help you solve your problem ! Our prices are based on the size, complexity, and deadlines of your project. You know the complete cost before your project starts, with no surprise later on.

Need more help or information ?

  • If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please contact us.

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