CASSIM Software




  • CASSIM™ facilitates rapid model prototyping with pre-tested algorithms. The pre-tested algorithms allow a model developer to construct a model by interconnecting modules corresponding to the components on a P & ID, heat balance, or control diagram from extensive CASSIM™ standard algorithm libraries. With the descriptions of coefficients in the generic algorithm manual, the modeler will enter physical data describing the geometrical data and design curves and operating point data defining the initial operating conditions. Given access to the required data, experienced CASSIM™ modelers can construct large scope plant models, including major boiler and balance of plant components, together with local control loops in weeks. CASSIM™ has built-in flexibility to add user's customized algorithms.


  • CASSIM™ model is flexible and easy to debug and troubleshoot. Model developer can dynamically modify block input and output values, or even block interconnections on-line without re-compiling the simulation code. This is an important time-saving feature in model development, resulting in substantial cost savings in modeling productivity and quality assurance.


  • CASSIM™ is fully PC based. It is optimized for operation on Intel Pentium PC, running Microsoft Windows (Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, Win 2000, Win XP). A full plant model can be developed and executed directly on the popular PC as a 32 bit window application, eliminating the engineer’s dependence on expensive mainframe or super-mini computer workstation.
  • CASSIM™ based simulator can be configured as a single workstation version, or a client/server version with one Server and multiple clients using TCP/IP over Local Area Network (LAN), with each client PC displaying a dedicated user interface screen. Such Simulator setup is used to emulate multiple DCS Operator Stations Interfaces.


  • CASSIM™ has built-in flexibility to add user's Customized Algorithms. In addition to CTI’s continued effort to support and expand the existing algorithms libraries, CASSIM™ system is designed to allow you to build and maintain your own algorithms to meet your particular modeling needs.
  • CASSIM™ provides users a powerful debugging tool which facilitates easy and efficient model trouble-shooting during model development and subsequent model update/maintenance. The powerful model "merging" and "extraction" features allow recycling of different modules for other applications, resulting in substantial cost savings in model development.


  • All CASSIM™ modules, and the system as a whole, may be applied over the entire plant load range, from zero flow under cold start conditions to beyond design conditions. Special features provide maximum accuracy in all operating regimes.


  • In CASSIM™, the entire simulation algorithms are based on first principle mass and energy relations. Constitutive relations for mass and heat transfer are based on well verified empirical correlations for the particular component. CASSIM™ provides a user-friendly way of solving hydraulic flow network problems by splitting the flow network into nodes, branches with pumps and valves etc.


  • The CASSIM™ modules are subdivided into libraries, each distinguished by scope and application.
                          CASSIM™ Libraries

System Models

Special Steam Properties Table and Hydraulic Network Equations Solver will be provided as part of the basic system to facilitate real-time dynamic simulation.

Reactor Models

Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR); ABWR (advanced boiling water reactor); APWR (advanced pressurized water reactor), advanced CANDU Reactor.

Boiler Models

HRSG, and fossil boilers; heat exchangers for steam/water, gas, and air applications

Balance of Plant Models

Modules representing the steam turbines and feedwater train components

Electrical and Auxiliaries

Electrical generators, transformers, electrical breakers and buses, electrical switchgears; condensate returns, auxiliary boilers, lubrication oil system modules.


Modules representing gas turbine elements and HRSG banks.


Compressors, air surge tank modules. Combustion modules provide modeling of gas combustion in gas turbine combustor and duct burner. Furnace combustion modules provide realistic simulation of furnace combustion processes and heat transfer.


Modules which can be used to configure any hydraulic flow circuit (fluid or gas phase, or 2 phases) into nodes and branches, so as to facilitate simultaneous calculation of pressures in respective nodes, and the flows in the respective branches. These flow network computation techniques can be applied in various applications including power generation, oil & gas, desalination, etc.

Control Logic

Modules representing discrete control logic and analog controller functions, including the supporting logic functions for graphical user interface, as well as alarm monitoring and trending.


CASSIM™ is a simulation development system based on three common core technologies:


  • CASSBASE: the block-oriented simulation modeling tool. CASSBASE is used for managing block-oriented modeling, such as sequencing, and interconnecting blocks, and generating thermal hydraulic flow networks.
  • CASSENG: the simulation run-time engine. CASSENG enhances the model development facility by providing the ability to run the simulation model dynamically while debugging the model in CASSBASE.
  • LABVIEW® for Windows : the graphical user interface from National Instruments. LabVIEW is used for user interface development. The user interface screens communicate with the simulation model running in CASSENG to allow user interactions with the simulation. LabVIEW Application Builder is used to produce a stand-alone executable application consisting of the user interface screens.

The seamless integration of these three tools provides a powerful Microsoft Windows - based dynamic real-time model development environment, and a user interface development environment for producing high fidelity, user-friendly simulation applications. The CASSIM™ development system is also capable of producing stand-alone simulation run-time applications.


The CASSIM™ Run Time Simulator Features provide:

  • Unlimited Initial Conditions (IC’s) provide selectable pre-programmed training scenarios.
  • On-line programmable malfunctions provide valuable training for plant abnormal & upset conditions due to malfunctions.
  • Dynamic plant schematics provided at runtime, with dynamic indications (equipment status and alarms), and full users interactive capabilities via control pop-ups and drop down menus.
  • Simulator Controls include Freeze/Run toggle & Snapshot.
  • On-line parameter changes.
  • On-line trending of plant process & control variables.
  • Convenient interface to external programs via Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and TCP/IP over Local Area Network (LAN).

For details of the CASSIM™ based Simulators, please visit PRODUCT section.

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