CCGT Simulator




Simulator Screen for 42 MW LM6000 Gas Turbine

This simulator is a full plant dynamic model of a 110 MW twin gas turbines combined-cycle cogeneration power plant. The simulation code was validated against the transients corresponding to the real plant data.

In this combined-cycle simulator, user can practice plant startup, shutdown, manipulate load setpoints or activate control systems interactively and review the system behavior on the graphical displays. In addition, user can insert an equipment malfunctions, and evaluate the automatic control systemís responses or execute different operating strategies to mitigate the upset. Although the desktop simulator is primarily used for operator training, it can also be used for plant process modification, control strategy evaluation, heat rate optimization, full load and part load plant performance predictions, human factor studies, control loop tuning and control strategy development.

This simulator is based on a real cogeneration plant configured around two 42 MW GE LM6000 gas turbine generators exhausting to heat recovery steam generators (HRSG's) which produce steam at three pressure levels. This steam is used to run a 32 MW extraction/induction condensing steam turbine generator. Steam at 4375 KPa pressure is extracted from the steam turbine and is injected into the gas turbine combustion chambers to lower NOX emission levels.

Intermediate pressure (IP) (690 KPa) steam from the HRSG is sold to a neighboring manufacturing plant for process and heating use with either the excess or shortfall induced to or extracted from the stream turbine. Low pressure (LP) steam from the HRSG is used for boiler feedwater deaeration, cogeneration plant heating in the winter and for making chilled water by absorption chilling during the summer. It may also be extracted from or induced to the steam turbine.

Steam exhausting from the steam turbine is condensed back to water by the wet surface condenser. This is done by spraying water on tubes which have the steam passing through them. Large fans draw air past the tubes rejecting the heat to atmosphere.

The fuel gas entering the plant is compressed to increase the pressure to the level required by the gas turbine engines. Water treatment plants (WTP) remove impurities from city water before the water is turned to steam.

The electricity produced by the plant is transmitted to the local utility grid by 2 underground transmission lines.

The Simulator major models include:

  • 35 process subsystems & controls
  • Operating range from cold shutdown to full power
  • 20 plant process interactive screens
  • 840 alarms
  • 200 real-time trends
  • 100 critical malfunctions

Below are sample screens of the Simulator:

CCGT Simulator Screen for Duct Burner - Supplemental Firing

CCGT Simulator Fuel Supply System Screen

CCGT Simulator Air Heating and Cooling System

CCGT Simulator Screen: Steam Turbine 26 MW - steam induction and extraction

CCGT Simulator Screen: HRSG, Condensate & Feedwater

CCGT Simulator - Turbine Panel Emulation Screen

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